Leica M10 Leica New Release

Leica M10-P camera leaked onlineですね!!


ついに出てきましたね!Leica M10-Pの噂が・・・。

First pictures of the Leica M10-P camera leaked online


The rumored specifications/upgrades from the current M10 model are:

  • No red dot logo
  • New shutter which Leica claims to be "virtually silent" making it the quietest digital or analog Leica camera ever made
  • The top plate Leica lettering will be similar to the previous Leica M-P model
  • The Leica M10-P will be available in two different colors: black or chrome
  • New touchscreen controls such as swiping & pinch zoom
  • Built-in level gauge (not clear on whether this is only in live view or also accessible through the viewfinder)
  • Same sensor, processor, LCD (Gorilla Glass), ISO, connections, frame selector, buffer as the M10.
  • Dimension: 139X38.5X80
  • US price: $7995 (the M10 is $7,295)
  • The new Lecia M10-P will be announced on August 21st at 9am EST, stay tuned for a detailed coverage

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